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Graphic & Web Designer

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About Mat

portrait of me, Mat Ramsey, making me look real macho and super employable

Hey, I'm Mat Ramsey, welcome to my site. Make yourself at home. Whoah! Don't take off your pants, we just met. Why are mine off? It's my site...and
I can't find them. Let's get back on topic.

With a background in multimedia production and graphic design, I offer strong conceptual thinking with a focus on digital solutions. My time working as a web designer has given me great UI design experience. As a result of my years spent working on Government publications I have a mean typographical eye.
Couple that with my other work experience and you’ve got a front-end designer with great type skills, a love of UI design, a deep knowledge of accessibility standards and a passion for creative solutions.

Wrap all that bizzo up in a nerdy looking Dave Grohl wannabe and there you have it, me!

I'm currently toiling away on the full version of this new site, so please come back soon and I'll have work samples and some other cool stuff to show you.


Get in touch, say g'day, or see if I can come out and play.

Email me at hello[at]

I'm not much of a Twit, but feel free to Tweet or PM me on Twitter